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iRiver H320 cheap!

Posted by Deliverator on 29th December 2004

The H320 is on post-xmas clearance sale at Best Buy for ~ $265. There is no rebate or anything else needed. This is a great deal on one of the best HDD based digital audio players on the market!

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Posted by Deliverator on 27th December 2004

Alex and I ate at a joint called “The Scarlet Tree” a few nights back. I remember going there to listen to my friend Les Carpenter play back in HS. The food was great; the service abysmal; the music loud; and the conversation was excellent (what you could hear of it). One thing that we discussed was all the hype surrounding “mash-up” albums of late. I mentioned a few that I had listened to and couldn’t stand. Alex suggested I try “The Kleptones” on for size. In particular, an album called “A Night At The Hip-Hopera.” I ended up listening to it on my computer, for a change, as my iRiver H320 does not yet support “gapless” playback. Gapless playback is where tracks play back to back with no pausing in between. This is a very important feature for recordings of “live” music, where you want the ability to go to a certain point in the concert quickly, but don’t want pauses between tracks (the tracks may arbitrarily occur in the middle of a song). Anyways, back to my original point. I listened to The Kleptones and was instantly hooked. The way they seemlessly (and with great humor and to satirical effect) blended artists like Queen with Eminem just blew my mind. This is one of the first records in a long time that have made me sit up in my chair, put everything away and just LISTEN with my eyes shut.

Anyways, if you want to listen, the band has posted some links at:

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Comments re-enabled?

Posted by Deliverator on 17th December 2004

Ryan couldn’t sleep, so he worked on spam protecting my blog. Comments should now be functional again. Thanks Ryan!

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Dish goodness

Posted by Deliverator on 17th December 2004

My dad, Scott and I went out for breakfast this morning. Over breakfast, my dad began mussing, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a home-theater.” This has been an oft heard phrase in the Marsh household, so Scott and I were absolutely floored when dad took us to Best Buy to look at gear with the intention of ACTUAL BUYING. We looked at a number of plasma screens and lcd monitors, but have to go back and make some measurements before moving any further along that line.

We did end up signing up for Direct-TV service with HBO and the whole enchilada. We got a DirecTivo that is capable of recording two shows at once, while the viewer watches a third, two extra tuners boxes and a HDTV capable dish. My dad does intend to get HDTV service in the future. Likely, once the 2 new Direct TV satellites go up. These 2 new satellites are going to be capable of broadcasting 1500 HDTV channels! I don’t think digital cable has any chance any hell of competing effectively once that happens , unless they get a serious move on and start offering video-on-demand services through an IP-TV type system.

Anyways, is was nice to see some movement on this issue after so many years of deprivation :)

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Created a new user

Posted by Deliverator on 16th December 2004

I created a new user called, surprise of surprises, Deliverator. I didn’t like the idea of using the all powerful site admin account for daily purposes, and site admin just doesn’t have that certain cachet to it. I hope to have the comments system back in place shortly.

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Posted by site admin on 12th December 2004

I pulled the processing block from the car for the umpteenth time in recent history. I think isolating the problem is going to necessitate a more or less complete system inspection. This means I am going to have to remove the passenger side seat, which I really don’t want to do. The last time I removed the seat, one of the bolts slipped and fell through a hole in the floor and into some sort of compartment on the under-side of the chasis. So, there are now only 3 (rather huge) bolts holding the seat in place. My guess is I could recover the missing bolt fairly easily, if I could get the car up on jacks. There is no way I can get myself under the car without proping it up quite a bit, as I am “big boned” :)

Maybe I could con my skinny brother into doing it for me? I bet he could change my oil too, as long as he is under there getting dirty!

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iRiver H320, now fortified with USBOTG

Posted by site admin on 8th December 2004

A little over a month ago, I purchased an iRiver H320 digital audio player. I did so based upon past experiences of friends with iRiver products and upon numerous glowing reviews found online. I have been very pleased with my purchase, but was a bit miffed on arrival to discover that the US version did not include one of the signature features of the international version. Namely, USB on the Go, aka USBOTG. USBOTG lets you connect USB storage devices up to a special auxilary USB port on the H320 and transfer files back and forth. With this feature, for example, you can connect digital cameras, flash card readers, portable hard drives and other digital audio players and transfer files in either direction. Anyways, on the US version of the player, the functionality of this auxilary port was changed to be a special port for transferring DRM’d music files. I HATE DRM and badly wanted my USBOTG. I investigated returning my unit and buying an international version. I discovered that iRiver was selling their units for as much as $150-200 more oversees, despite only minor FUNCTIONAL differences. I began to investigate physical differences between the US and international players and compared photographs and also began collecting serial numbers for both players. It appeared that all the units are assembeled on the same line and have only minor physical differences. So far, the probable physical differences are as follows: The USB ports on the bottom are labeled differently and there is believed to be a pull-up/pull-down resistor on the international version associated with the auxilary USB port. With physical differences so minor, I began considering the possibility of flashing my US player with the international firmware. After further investigation on the MisticRiver Forums , I decided to attempt flashing my player. I did so and my player seems no worse for wear. In fact, I picked up a number of neat features like XVID video playback. The US version of the player does not ship with the special cable needed to hook up devices to the auxilary port, so I was initially unable to test the USBOTG functionality. I was able to order one online and it arrived a few days ago. I have been testing it out for the last few days and can report that USBOTG is at least somewhat functional on my US player (flashed to 1.25 Korean FW). I have been able to get it to work with devices that supply their own power (external hdd’s, cameras, etc.), but haven’t had any sucess with passive devices like card readers. I have tried at least 1 card reader that is known to work on the international version, so it appears that the US version of the device is incapable of supply power on the auxilary port.

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101 varieties of SPAM

Posted by site admin on 7th December 2004

I had to disable the comments system temporarily, as it was rapidly collecting spam from some online gambling site. Ryan has created a modified comments form that forces the comment poster to click a checkbox in order to complete the posting process. This apparently throws off the spam bots (which are designed to exploit the default wordpress comments system) enough to prevent the bulk of automated comment spam. I will talk to Ryan and see what needs to be done to get it installed, promptly, but until then, the comments have to stay disabled.

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Why I love IM

Posted by site admin on 7th December 2004

Holinem12: How goes it?
Ryan McE: it goes
Ryan McE: but, lets say that f(n+1) = (f(n) + 2) * n
Ryan McE: I want a non-recursive function for f(n)
Holinem12: Oh god, you are asking ME to explain math?
Holinem12: Are you that desperate?
Ryan McE: yesah
Holinem12: I am the one who tried Linear Algerbra three times, remember?
Ryan McE: this isn’t actually linear algebra… I mean, its for the class, but this doesn’t use what we learned in there
Ryan McE: :-)
Holinem12: Does this have something to do with fibonaci numbers? I don’t know why that is stirring in my head, but the equations look similar to what I remember
Ryan McE: um, I dunno. Maybe. the way I arrived at this number is by calculating the number of floating point operations required to find the determinant of a matrix
Holinem12: So you want to find a simplified expression to estimate the computational cost of finding a determinant?
Ryan McE: yeah
Ryan McE: its related to n factorial, but its modified because of the +2
Ryan McE: that darned +2
Ryan McE: augh~!
Holinem12: Is this a homework assignment?
Ryan McE: its a project
Holinem12: Is it due tomorrow?
Ryan McE: Wednesday
Holinem12: Alex would almost certainly be able to come up with an answer in about a minute, but he is likely in bed by now. I could wake him, but his is a big curmogeny at the best of times….
Ryan McE: eh, it can wait :-)
Holinem12: Try calling him tomorrow at 4432196
Ryan McE: I’ll give it a shot if I haven’t figured it out with my group before then
Holinem12: Pretend you are a radio talk show and he will win a fabulous vacation to Swaziland if he gets the right answer
Holinem12: He will be so enthralled by the idea of going to exotic Swaziland that he won’t notice that the situation is absolutely preposterous
Ryan McE: haha
Holinem12: He will have blurted out the answer already and by the time he figures out your fiendish scheme, he will be listening to dial-tone
Ryan McE: oh sad

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No bag of chips, yet.

Posted by site admin on 6th December 2004

Well, I am feeling more confident in my understanding of how the wp-layout.css marks everything up. Being able to select a portion of a page in firefox, right clicking and selecting “view selection source” is really invaluable. It really helped me quickly track down what css classes were responsible for the formatting of each page element. Yet another way in which Firefox is the far superior browser! I ended up feeling confident enough that I have started adding my own classes.

I know I said I wasn’t going to waste much time on this, but I feel pleased to have something to show for my efforts of last semester. I took Media 109 at BCC recently (essentially a XHTML/CSS course) , which was the sole prerequisite for taking Video 112, the video editing class in which I am currently enroled. I still haven’t found any rationale as to why Media 109 would be a prerequisite for Video 112 – the subjects have been completely unrelated *thusfar* (and I have about a week left in this semester). This left me feeling pretty bitter at first, but I am warming up to it. I did enjoy the class, did well in it, and have gotten some use out of the skills/knowledge acquired by taking it. I tend to get very upset with all the bureaucratic and arbitrary nonsense that it seems I continually have to deal with whenever I interact with governmental institutions (academic institutions in particular). It often leaves me with the visual equivalent of a broken record, repeating in my mind – that of a dog jumping through infinite hoops…

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