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Opus Solution?

Posted by Deliverator on 6th March 2005

I recently sent my Opus 90W DC-DC power supply back for repair last week after reading this forum posting at mp3car. It seems that some of their 90w supplies develop a problem where the supply goes into a “thermal safe shutdown mode” when you try to start it after a cool (anything less than about 50 degrees F) night. This control circuit was meant to keep the system from starting up in abnormally cold temperatures, like -10 to 20 below, but becomes miscalibrated or something over time. Because of the large capacitors supplying juice to the controller, the power supply stays in shutdown mode for days after disconnecting the supply from the battery. The only way to get it going again quickly is to pull the fuse on the power supply, which is a rather difficult task, considering that my supply resides in a sealed (although well ventilated) project box beneath the passenger side seat. So, I sent it back for repair/replacement. USPS tracking shows that it was delivered last Wednesday. They promised they would have it repaired or replaced within a day of arrival. I should hopefully have the car-puter back into shape before heading down to Portland on Thursday. Having the GPS would be very helpful, as I don’t really know my way around Portland very well.

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