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Speakeasy – Thin Straw No Longer!

Posted by Deliverator on 2nd July 2006

I’ve been with Speakeasy for a long time, pretty much since they began broadband trials in Seattle. I am grandfathered in on a pretty sweet deal which includes 8 static ips, shell access, and a whole lot of other nice fixings on….a 384 kbps SDSL line. I was happy with this deal until the last few years, when everything suddenly started getting BIG and my business started necessitating a lot more bandwidth. I had spoken with Speakeasy a number of times about increasing my speed, but the only option was to nominally bump up the speed on the SDSL line at nearly twice what the current one costs. Switching to an ADSL line was not an option, due to some sort of multiplexer that the phone company had burried under the road to add more voice line capacity, at the expense of actual copper pairs. Cable seemed to be my only option for more bandwidth. I am not a big fan of Comcast for a variety of reasons, but began speaking to them, going so far as to have them perform a site survey. I called Speakeasy to let them know I was likely going to be switching in the near future and to see about getting my email accounts forwarded. Suddenly, they were very willing to give me options for faster speeds. Do you honestly need to threaten cancelation to get anything done? Anyways, they are hooking me up with what they call “Speakeasy OneLink,” which is their version of a Dry Line. Essentially, like the Covad line used to carry my SDSL, they are running a dedicated line to the house that is used to carry the DSL signal and nothing else. Most residential ADSL is done over the customer’s existing phone lines. The DSL and voice signals peacefully coexist on the same wire, so long as you add some low-pass line filters to the other phone handsets sharing the line with the DSL. Anyways, a couple of days ago, they came out and fished a new cable under the roadbed. They are coming back on Wednesday to do the in-house wiring. I am unhappy that it took so long to get any movement on this issue, but am happy that I will have a nice shiny new 3mbit down/768 up line on Wednesday and that I get to keep all my existing static ips, email addresses, etc.

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