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Fours Nines – FAIL

Posted by Deliverator on 6th June 2008

Theo and I had a discussion the other night that amongst many many topics landed on the subject of cloud computing. I argued that current outsourced storage and computing services just weren’t reliable enough for mission critical enterprise use. While you might save money in the short run, the lack of direct oversight and control over how those services are provided on the back end could seriously bite your business in the bottom line. Today, one of the highest profile of such services, Amazon’s S3 storage service (along with several other of their cloud computing initiatives) was down for close to 2 hours due to some sort of (claimed) ddos attack against their main commercial e-commerce site. To put this in perspective, today Amazon was down for longer than they claim their service should be down in a whole year. Their own S3 service level agreement states 99.99% availability. According to this wikipedia page about the poor use of 9’s for evaluating service availability/reliability, four nines of availability works out to about 52.6 minutes of downtime per year. FAIL

P.S. No I couldn’t do better :)

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Posted by Deliverator on 2nd June 2008

I first wrote about MRAM two years ago when Freescale Semiconductor announced that they were actually shipping product, albeit extremely low capacity (4 mbit) product. Now it looks like Toshiba has jumped into the game and will shortly be shipping MRAM chips in 128 MB per chip capacities. While this is far from replacing a hard drive, it may be able to replace DRAM in computers and other devices and allow for extremely low power instant suspend/hibernate modes. This could result in very long battery lifetime in devices like PDAs and cell phones while still letting users have instant-on convenience. It also sounds like IBM is jumping into the MRAM game, so it looks like there will be an active marketplace for this technology and support from industry heavy-hitters.

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