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Notice Anything Different?

Posted by Deliverator on 20th October 2009

Ryan pulled a late night and did a final sync of data from Frankenputin (old server) to Minimus. I mainly sat back and let Ryan do the heavy lifting, just acting as cheerleader, head scratcher in chief and occasional googler of error messages. There were some struggles with Mysql and the usual Gallery puking, but eventually the beast was wrestled into submission. A few port forwarding changes and now everything is being served up by Minimus. Frankenputin has been powered down, quite possibly for good. My garage no longer sounds like a jet taking off and I kinda miss it.

If you are a user, please poke your head into infrequently visited dark corners and see if you find anything growing there. I plan to consign Frankenputin to its new role as boat anchor and kick Minimus into a closet as soon as it is verified that the new server is stable and no additional settings/data need importing from Frankenputin.

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Marathon x 2

Posted by Deliverator on 5th October 2009

Despite getting rained on last year, leading to general miserableness, my brother Scott decided to run the Portland Marathon again this year. I think he chose to do Portland again, specifically, as it was close to family support and friends Ryan and Theo who also opted into the 26.2 miles of masochism. Both Theo and Ryan managed to push through the blisters, black and blue feet and earn their t-shirt, medal and those other, less tangible kudos.

Scott managed to complete the race in a start time compensated 4h:19m:3s, a slight improvement over last year’s 4h:20m:55s. Given that he is a year creakier, he seems happy with the improvement. And well he should! At this annual rate of improvement, by the time he is 101 years old he will have beaten world record holder Haile Gebrselassie‘s time of 2h:03m:59. And because Scott likes statistics, here is a graph that proves it! I have assumed that Haile doesn’t improve any with age, but other than that my logic is impeccable :)

Marathon Graph (joke)

I look forward to watching my brother compete in future events, especially when he is 101, I just wish he would do something other than check his watch as he crosses the finish line. Other people do fist pumps, raise their arms in celebration, puke or pogo stick on one foot backwards while wearing an afro wig and a tutu…all of which make for more interesting photography :)

Scott Finishing Portland Marathon - 2009

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