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Posted by site admin on December 12th, 2004

I pulled the processing block from the car for the umpteenth time in recent history. I think isolating the problem is going to necessitate a more or less complete system inspection. This means I am going to have to remove the passenger side seat, which I really don’t want to do. The last time I removed the seat, one of the bolts slipped and fell through a hole in the floor and into some sort of compartment on the under-side of the chasis. So, there are now only 3 (rather huge) bolts holding the seat in place. My guess is I could recover the missing bolt fairly easily, if I could get the car up on jacks. There is no way I can get myself under the car without proping it up quite a bit, as I am “big boned” :)

Maybe I could con my skinny brother into doing it for me? I bet he could change my oil too, as long as he is under there getting dirty!