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Dish goodness

Posted by Deliverator on December 17th, 2004

My dad, Scott and I went out for breakfast this morning. Over breakfast, my dad began mussing, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a home-theater.” This has been an oft heard phrase in the Marsh household, so Scott and I were absolutely floored when dad took us to Best Buy to look at gear with the intention of ACTUAL BUYING. We looked at a number of plasma screens and lcd monitors, but have to go back and make some measurements before moving any further along that line.

We did end up signing up for Direct-TV service with HBO and the whole enchilada. We got a DirecTivo that is capable of recording two shows at once, while the viewer watches a third, two extra tuners boxes and a HDTV capable dish. My dad does intend to get HDTV service in the future. Likely, once the 2 new Direct TV satellites go up. These 2 new satellites are going to be capable of broadcasting 1500 HDTV channels! I don’t think digital cable has any chance any hell of competing effectively once that happens , unless they get a serious move on and start offering video-on-demand services through an IP-TV type system.

Anyways, is was nice to see some movement on this issue after so many years of deprivation :)