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iRivercasting doesn’t have quite the same ring, but is much more fun

Posted by Deliverator on June 22nd, 2005

Been getting into the whole podcasting thing lately. Of course, rather than an iPod I have been using my far superior iRiver H320. So far, I have been using it mainly to listen to various geek/technology shows like Make Audio and some of my favorite NPR shows, but I have also been using it to watch episodes of various TV and online syndication only shows. I have a script set up for virtualdub that allows me to drag and drop convert video to the iRiver’s native resolution and a more appropriate bitrate. I may try to achieve better integration (for the video conversion step) with my RSS reader at some point, so that I can just pickup my iRiver at any point and be assured that I will have something new & (hopefully) interesting to listen to or watch. I am pretty happy with the “ease of accessability” of most of my media, but in the long run I have plans in the works to create a more robust media sharing architecture so that I will be able to access all my media fairly transparently from any of my myriad devices (Tivo, PC, Jornada, iRiver). I rearchitected my network a bit this week to allow data to be more readily exchanged between devices (particularly for the purposes of synchronization while on the go), but at the cost of more of my boxes being directly exposed to the internet. I am somewhat nervous about this, as it puts more administrative burdens on my back. There are some ways I could have rearchitected the network that would have left it equally accessible, but more secure, but would have necessitated additional hardware purchases, and my budget has been pretty blown of late :(