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OS-X coolness

Posted by Deliverator on June 22nd, 2005

Lots of interesting stuff going on with OS-X and emulation these days. Over the last few days, I have seen some full motion video (much more difficult to fake than a static screenshot) of OS-X running on generic Intel hardware. While there is no driver support for a lot of video cards, chipsets, etc., it is running and in the wild! In other news, Pear PC continues to mature in terms of compatibility and there are some efforts well underway that will provide major speed increases. In particular, host-provided graphical acceleration could be released for public testing as soon as this weekend. By offloading various video functions to the host, rather than doing them on the emulated processor architecture, you not only greatly accelerate the graphics subsystem, but you free up the processor to emulate other functions more quickly. The more things you can offload to the native host system the better! I figured out a similar trick that resulted in a good performance boost. Disable the pagefile in OS-X and then set the ammount of ram allocated to pearpc to an absurd ammount like 1.5 GB. This effectively places all the burden of memory management on the host operating system, rather than the emulated platform (which runs at effectively 1/10th the speed of host). By doing this, I experienced an appreciable increase in overall performance and application fluidity.