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Scott and Ryan’s Wild Ride – Part the Last?

Posted by Deliverator on June 25th, 2005

Spoke with Scott yesterday. He and Ryan are layed up in a cheap hotel in Windham, New Hampshire (about 20 miles SE of Manchester) and are likely to be there for a few days more. One of Scott’s knees started causing him pain a few days ago and it got acute enough that he decided to see a physician. The only one nearby was the emergency room, so he went there. The doctor pretty much told him to stay off his feet for a few days, ice it and take an ibuprofren once in a while. So, they are waiting a few days to see if they can continue their trip by bike. Scott and Ryan sent some things back by post that they found they didn’t need, so they have a lighter overall load. If they decide to continue they will throw more of the weight on Ryan’s bike and try and set a slower pace. Carolyn (my Ironman cousin and very experience outdoorsman) voiced some concern before the trip began that the gearing on their bikes was somewhat abnormal for load carrying road bikes. Whatever the cause, the next few days will reveal whether they continue by bike, pack it in or turn the trip into something else entirely.