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Posted by Deliverator on June 28th, 2005

  • Ryan has posted a big update on his blog. He has been keeping a dead-tree diary over the course of his and Scott’s roadtrip and was able to post it from a public library. The biggest news is that they have now crossed over into Connecticut and are veering from their planned path in order to reach New York more quickly. No update on how Scott’s leg is doing, but they seem to be putting on miles.
  • Second Life continues to astound me. Rob is really getting into it as well. He is currently in the midst of constucting the first Sushi bar in SL. Rob has dug into the scripting and modelling tools much more than I have, so far, and is creating his virtual restaurant more or less from scratch. The most advanced scripted object that I have created thus far is a picture frame that displays a slideshow of my family photos. I do have some plans for more advanced objects, with which to outfit my SL “home,” but will probably take a formal scripting course in world before really digging in. Rob, however, has already set out with much more ambitious plans. In true TCP/IP over Carrier Pigeon style, he is working on implementing TCP/IP by firing “physical” objects that have a data packet encoded inside between “routers.” Thus, you have a data network whose packet delivery mechanism consists of physical objects simulated inside a virtual world. It is all enough to make your head spin.
  • Played around with a $30 One-Time-Use Digital *** VIDEO *** Camera that David McDonald brought in. The cameras are being sold by the CVS chain of drug stores on the east coast. The idea is that you buy one, use it and then bring it back to the CVS store where they give you the video on a DVD and then resell the camera. Well, in (not unexpected) hardware hacker fashion, people have already figured out how to download the videos directly, thus making it into a $30 video camera that you can use over and over. This is a great little gadget to use in situations where you wouldn’t want to risk breaking something more expensive, or where the physical mounting would be difficult. I am going to pick one up for use on next year’s FIRST robot
  • Had a couple students show up on Monday night to work on the ROV project. We spent most of the evening going through Autodesk Inventor tutorials, learning how to model parts. By the end, we had created a nozzle and a few threaded parts. In other ROV project news, our motors have finally arrived at West Marine and I will be heading over there in the next few days to pick them up. This is really exciting, as we can get back to actual hands on working on the ROV.
  • My replacement 7″ SVGA touchscreen for the Carputer has arrived, so I will hopefully have it installed and everything up and running by sometime tomorrow. Once again, I have to compliment mp3car on the quality of their service. I seldem encounter companies that start with the motive of being a service to the community first and a profit making enterprise second, but mp3car has really impressed me in my several interactions with them.