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Silverfir Saga Over?

Posted by Deliverator on July 5th, 2005

It sounds like the problems that silverfir has been experiencing of late are related to file corruption induced by the box being repeatedly rebooted at random at the whims of the contractors (who need to turn off the electrical every once in a while) doing remodelling at Ryan’s home while he is away on his bike (now train/bus) trip back east. I think serious thought needs to go into co-locating Silverfir at an ISP, or at the very least, a heavy duty UPS and redundant hardware.

From what I have just heard from Theo, WordPress may have a very nasty exploit that will mean a quick patch to the latest version. I would ask him more about it, but he is busy preparing to ship out to South Korea tomorrow. South Korea is a very wired place, so I expect to hear from him soon. I hope he gets a VOIP phone so that we can chat as well. We have had some interesting conversations of late and I hate to think that our correspondence will slow to the sluggish pace of email/im just because of a minor detail like the other party being halfway across the world….