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ROV Motors

Posted by Deliverator on July 10th, 2005

Work on the ROV is continuing, albeit at a slower pace than I would prefer. It took us over a month from time of order to get our motors, but they have finally arrived. Ian and Erik showed up Friday and we worked on them for about three hours. We filled a garbage can with water and mounted one of the motors to it, We then co nnected the motor to one of our batteries and set it to run unattended on low speed in order to get a rough estimate of ROV runtime. While waiting for the motor to drain the battery, we set to work disassembling the other two motors. We were able to strip the motors down to just the torpedo shaped motor pod, screw and mounting shaft very easily, but we somewhat confused by a couple of small gauge wires running to the motor besides the heavy gauge red/black power lines. We made a call to Fredi Lajverdi, one of Carl-Hayden HS’s mentors, who had previously worked with the exact same motors. He said we could safely ignore them. We chatted a bit about how their (now famous) team has been doing. They managed to place third in this year’s MATE competition, so while they didn’t walk away with the grand prize, they have proven themselves to be a very strong contender to watch in the future, and not just as single season fluke. I look forward to fielding an e ntry in next year’s competition and competing alongside them. By the time we got done chatting, I was sure the battery would be dead, but it was still running strong. It was getting a little late by then, so we decided to shut it off and disassemble it as well. We spent the remaining time figuring out a mounting scheme for the two side motors. I am headed over to Larry Barello’s now to run our scheme by him. If the design checks with his sensibilities, we will try and do the required machining & welding tomorrow night!