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More ROV project news

Posted by Deliverator on July 12th, 2005

Last night’s ROV build meeting went well. Larry Barello fabricated a couple of motor mounts. A little more work needs to be done on them, but I have a feeling that they are pretty close to what we will eventually use. We still need to figure out a mounting scheme for the top motor. We could mount it very easily now, but we want to come up with a mounting scheme that lets us easily adjust the motor’s position along the frame.

In other ROV project news, Lumileds has agreed to donate some Luxeon LED modules to the project. This is great news, as it removes the need to create further pressure housings. These Luxeon modules are the brightest LEDs I have been able to find and put out something on the order of 3 watts per module. A single one of these LEDs should put out more light than the total output of our current 36 LED clusters!