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More Tivo to Go

Posted by Deliverator on July 13th, 2005

Transfers from my Tivo to computer are now working smoothly and the directshow filtergraph hack does indeed still work. Once the DRM ladden .TIVO video file was on my computer, it only took a few minutes to turn it into a nice standard mpeg 2 file. I couldn’t get Virtualdub (which I prefer for simple linear video operations) to work with the file directly, but Adobe Premiere imported the file just fine. I will have to play around with automating the conversion process and maybe do a lossless conversion to Huffyuv so that I can get the file into Virtualdub where I can deinterlace the video, adjust brightness, clip out commercials, etc. I ultimately want to use the Tivo as a capture device only, and do time-shifted viewing on my media center (Not XP Media Center Edition) and long term archival on my fileserver. I may consolidate the two roles into one machine and move it next to the Tivo so that I can more quickly transfer files between the two. The wireless bridge system works, but is a bit slow.