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Posted by Deliverator on December 27th, 2004

Alex and I ate at a joint called “The Scarlet Tree” a few nights back. I remember going there to listen to my friend Les Carpenter play back in HS. The food was great; the service abysmal; the music loud; and the conversation was excellent (what you could hear of it). One thing that we discussed was all the hype surrounding “mash-up” albums of late. I mentioned a few that I had listened to and couldn’t stand. Alex suggested I try “The Kleptones” on for size. In particular, an album called “A Night At The Hip-Hopera.” I ended up listening to it on my computer, for a change, as my iRiver H320 does not yet support “gapless” playback. Gapless playback is where tracks play back to back with no pausing in between. This is a very important feature for recordings of “live” music, where you want the ability to go to a certain point in the concert quickly, but don’t want pauses between tracks (the tracks may arbitrarily occur in the middle of a song). Anyways, back to my original point. I listened to The Kleptones and was instantly hooked. The way they seemlessly (and with great humor and to satirical effect) blended artists like Queen with Eminem just blew my mind. This is one of the first records in a long time that have made me sit up in my chair, put everything away and just LISTEN with my eyes shut.

Anyways, if you want to listen, the band has posted some links at: