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Exercise while Ubuntu

Posted by Deliverator on August 12th, 2005

Azureus, my BitTorrent client of choice finished downloading the DVD .ISO for Ubuntu Linux this evening. Although it was getting rather late, I blasted the image to a dvd-r using my new Plextor 12x SATA burner at full speed. I don’t normally burn at the faster speeds, as I have found that disks burned at slower speeds have better archival life and wear resistance. I attribute this to the burner being able to create more well-defined pits at slower speeds. Anyways, the Plextor handled the high-speed burn like a champ and a few scant minutes later, I had a Ubuntu installation DVD. I set up a VM in VMware with which to play around with it and popped in the disk. Installation went smoothly, although Ubuntu seems to be one of the last major distros still using a ascii text based installation wizard by default. The only hitch in the installation process came when after booting into the Gnome Desktop, I tried to get all available package updates. It popped up a dialogue saying I had to be logged in as root to do the updates. So, I logged out and proceeded to try and log back in as root. I typed in the password I normally use for super user level accounts and was presented with a bad password error message. I was sure I was asked for a password during the install, so I tried a couple minor variations, but to no avail. So, I was left to reinstall the OS from scratch. I did so, only to encounter the same problem. I googled for a solution. It turns out Ubuntu disables the root account by default and gives the user account you create during the install process super user status. It is easy to enable the root account, and I did so promptly. I really dislike having to use the sudo command every time I try and do something of substance. Anyways, outside of this minor issue, so far I really like Ubunto.

In other news, I am trying to get back into some semblance of shape that well…resembles a shape. I have been biking 15+ miles almost every day on my Lifefitness Lifecycle these last few weeks. I recently mounted a compact keyboard and a handheld trackball to the handlebars. This, coupled with my newly improved media center pc (Thanks go out to Colin for the mini-itx case!) makes for a decent web browsing, email and media platform while biking. I composed this entire entry while biking, although I will probably go back and edit in some links afterwards on my main pc. Using a keyboard as a text entry solution is not ideal for biking, as it requires me to take both hands off the handlebars and move into a more upright position. I might invest in an alternative text entry/pointing device like a Twiddler if I persist in exercising while I blog. I would also like to pick one up for eventual incorporation into a wearable computer rig.