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Ubuntu, now fortified with silicon

Posted by Deliverator on August 16th, 2005

I have been liking Ubuntu enough that I decided to devote some actual hardware to it and not simply run in a virtual machine. Running it in the VM was fine, but I was unable to get VMware tools to install, using the older version of VMware that I own (the new version supports it just fine). Without the VMware tools, the client OS is running without much in the way of graphics acceleration. I saw that VMware was releasing a toolkit, to allow OS makers to build in support for VMware’s “virtual hardware,” so that the tools install becomes unnecessary. in other VMware news, the x86 version of OS X has apparently been hacked to run within VMware. I will definitely have to check this out further. I have been running the PPC version of OS X in PearPC for some time now, but due to all the cross-instruction set translation needed to run PPC code on a x86 machine, running OSX on x86 hardware is currently very slow. Now, with OSX tunning natively on x86, emulation should be much faster. There is some DRM built into the developers release right now that tries to restrict OSX from running on anything but the official developer boxes, so a virtual machine may actually be the ideal environment for those wishing to run OSX on generic, non-apple x86 boxes.

Anyways, back to the original point. I now have a Ubuntu install on a Celeron 500 w 256MB of ram. Despite the relatively modest hardware, Ubuntu runs just great. Certainly much faster than XP on similar hardware. I am a little disappointed by how many things have been left out of the OS for “political” reasons. They can all be added back with a little effort, but it would be nice if they had been included on the install disks by default (even if not installed in the default installation configurations). I have found that I have needed to download far more packages with Ubuntu than with Fedora to get a nicely rounded system.