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Intersticial Entry

Posted by Deliverator on August 29th, 2005

Today I:

* Helped my father build hinged doors for a woodshed.

* Created a sizeable addition to my home in Second Life. This new room will be used to house my entertainment center and an arcade. While the additional land I purchased allows me to simulate more complex objects, some of the games I have acquired for use in the arcade are quite complex. A chess set that I acquired uses up 270+ prims (out of around 1000 than I am allowed) when all pieces are deployed on the board. A Mahjong table programmed by the same person is significantly more complex from a programatic standpoint, but the tiles for Mahjong are very simple models using up only a single prim each. I wish Linden Labs granted a higher prim allocation per owned sq meter and instead limited the number/complexity of scripts. Most of the things that I have seen lag a server are related to complex scripted objects, rather than mere prims. The prim limits may be due to a desire to try and create a positive user experience for people that have slower graphics cards/processors.

* Checked out Carolyn’s progress running/swimming/biking at Iroman Canada throughout the day. She finished this, her second Ironman with a time of 13 hours 33 minutes. She finished her first Ironman, last year in Idaho, with a time of 11 hours 37 minutes. I haven’t had a chance to talk with her yet, but it looks like her biking time was significantly slower. Perhaps she had mechanical problems? Regardless, finishing an Ironman event is very impressive to me.

* Went to see “The Princess Bride”at Seattle Center’s outdoor movie night with Alex and Malora. We ended up getting rained on in a big way (summer had been very dry this year), so we packed things up and watched the movie on DVD at Alex’s place.