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New Orleans – Modern Atlantis

Posted by Deliverator on August 31st, 2005

I have been predicting the doom of New Orleans,like some sort of modern Cassandra, for years now. The Army Corp. of Engineers wrote the place off years ago and more or less spelled out how the scenario would play out. So, while my heart truly breaks for the untold dead and millions left homeless, I can’t help feeling that it was utter hubris to make a life in such a place. Of course, I type this in the shadow of 2 active volcanos, one of which errupted within my lifetime. Seattle itself is built on an ancient outflow for Mt. Rainier. While Seattle hasn’t been burried in volcanic mud in recent history, the small town of Orting and several other population centers in Pierce County get buried by a Lahar once every 500 years or so. We live on a rock hurtling through space at unspeakable speeds, so maybe all human endevours are utter folly, but it seems that some people plant themselves in harms way, for no other reason than to curse god when the inevitable occurs. This end has been predicted for many years now, yet we all sit around like stunned fish when the inevitable occurs. The immensity of what has occured is still sinking in and I know many feel that they can’t do anything to help in the face of such an event, so they just go about their daily lives. Here are some things you can do now:

* Donate money to relief organizations such as the read cross. This money is sorely needed now for relief and ongoing search and rescue operations.

* Donate Blood. There are many people that have suffered traumatic injuries or have infected wounds that will require amputations in the near future. You blood can be the difference between life and death. Especially consider donating if you are a universal donor (type O-) or have a rare blood type.

* If you have the space in your home and so much as a cup of ramen in your kitchen, consider hosting a family or individual that has been left homeless by this disaster. By even the most optimistic accounts, it will be many, many months before any permanent housing in the area can be arranged.