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Solid State Disk Availability?

Posted by Deliverator on September 13th, 2005

I am pretty sure the carputer’s hdd is going. I received a number of NTFS related blue-screens of late and attempts to reboot result in the bios not “seeing” the hard disk at all. I usually have to shut the computer down for at least a half hour before the bios will see the disk again. I have examined and reseated the eide cabling on the odd chance that there is an intermitent connection and will try replacing it next. Temperatures appear normal and the power from the Opus appears to be “clean,” so I am pretty sure the drive is at fault. This will be the third hard drive I have killed (although two were pulled from dead laptops). I have considered purchasing a Toshiba “Endurastar” drive, which is supposedly ruggedized in a number of ways. I have also been looking into purchasing one of Samsungs new NAND flash based solid state disks, but despite claims that they started selling them last month, I have yet to find a way to purchase one (or even a product that uses them). Solid state disks are really nothing new, but Samsung is a big enough player to bring enough of these to market to make them a viable alternative to magnetic hard disks in the consumer segment. In the meantime, I am looking at similar technology to Samsung’s from M-Systems. Their devices seem offer the level of robustness I am looking for, incorporating wear leveling, dynamic bad block reassignment, etc. They warrant their solid state disks for 8 years of use (3 years longer than any hard disk manufacturer), so it seems they are willing to stand beside their specs. I would still likely take some measures to try and minimize writes to the disk, but it seems like their technology would be viable for my uses. Now I just need to figure out whether their pricing is within my reach. Their sales pitches seem heavily geared towards use in military systems, which is not encouraging.