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TRC – Start of Year Two

Posted by Deliverator on September 18th, 2005

Well, just about everyone is back to school at this point. Official TRC activities have begun, with First Lego League being this year’s initial focus. I hope to get the ROV project going again soon with some fresh blood and will be talking a bit about the project at this week’s general meeting. We are in dire need of some fresh blood in the club, particularly in mentor roles. I spent a good deal of the day yesterday with Ryan, and I fear that with his work/school commitments, he won’t be able to take a very active involvement in TRC this year. Also, with Larry Barello’s son Greg going to Bellevue this year (another school that happens to have a FIRST robotics club), Larry may jump ship and take his wealth of experience with him. I am really excited about TRC this year, but there are a lot of balls up in the air right now and where they land will depend greatly on the commitment of the membership and their willingness to “own” certain projects.