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Seattle Bloggers Unite!

Posted by Deliverator on September 21st, 2005

Attended a meeting of Seattle area bloggers this evening at Ralph’s Deli – just kitty-corner to Cinerama. I had previously attended an Eastside chapter meeting and found it interesting. Despite passing by Ralph’s a number of times, this was my first time inside. It is a very spacious grocery/deli/restaurant with a wide and varied seeting area, with free wifi to boot. It is also open quite late, 1 or 2 am most nights. I can see how it could make a great neighborhood hangout.

Thanks to Anita Rowland for putting up with the rowdy lot of us all, while having to contend with a very squirmy little tike and her upcoming chemo-therapy. Attendance was in the 15-20 person range throughout the evening and conversations were animated enough to preclude groups larger than about four or five people. I ended up conversing with the same small group all evening. I spent the most time speaking with Ian Morris, who works for a company call VisionShare. They make security products for sale to the healthcare industry (in order to help them comply with HIPAA regulations). I also spoke with Jacob Metcalf who works for Washington State Young Democrats and also runs a video gaming blog called 8Bit Joystick.

We spoke about:

  • Convergence devices & high portabililty computing – Treo 650, Jornada, ROKR phone, etc.
  • SSL Security
  • Tivo & alternatives
  • Lots of WiFi and wireless technology related topics
  • Minnesota
  • Mac OS X on Intel
  • Different blogging packages and options to prevent outside linking of images

All in all, it was an interesting group of people and I will make an attempt to show up at future meetings, should my schedule permit.