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Posted by Deliverator on September 27th, 2005

Well, I am off on my trip to Minnesota and Cleveland. I am not willing to pay $6 to use the pay-for WiFi connection provided by Wayport, so I will just have to post this when I arrive in MN. I will attempt to post blog entries when I find free wifi during my trip, but can make no promises. I have been investigating getting an EDGE (consider it GPRS+) enabled phone to use with T-mobile’s $20/month all you can eat cellular internet plan. I would rather go with a much faster CDMA based service, such as that offered by Verizon and Spring, but I just can’t quite justify the $60-$80/month expense to myself. So far I am looking at the Nokia 6620 and 6630 phones and the Motorola V330. These are all edge capable phones. A number of SWN members have been using the 6600 and its edge enabled look alike, the 6620. They all seem to like it. I am a little intimidated by its size compared to my SE T610, but the size does seem to come with a corresponding increase (or at least better implementation) of features. The 6620 takes surprisingly good video and pictures. Checkout iMob or Rob’s blog for samples. The resolution is still fairly low, but the image quality seems pretty decent. I think it must sport a decent CCD. CMOS based image sensors always seem to produce terribly washed out images. The 6620 comes with a pretty decent web browser and a screen size that actually makes browsing of some co nventional web sites somewhat less comical than is usual on cell phones. If you don’t like the build in browser, Opera is available, as well. The 6630 is an interesting beast, supporting Quad Band GSM (which would be nice if I ever take that long dreamed of year in Europe), but also CDMA connectivity of some sort. The Motorola V330 is a flip-phone that supports EDGE data and has a bluetooth connection. It is somewhat less expensive than the other two on eBay and does support bluetooth, but I don’t believe it has IRDA support, so I would need to get a bluetooth CF adapter to use the data connection with my Jornada. Anyone have any comments on these phones or others that they would recommend?

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