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Posted by Deliverator on September 29th, 2005

Tuesday Continued – After picking me up at The Malt Shop, Nancy and I drove to Glencoe and tended my grandfather’s grave (father’s side) and walked around the cemetery, briefly. My family bought a good chunck of land at the cemetery, way back in the dawn of time, for somewhere around $50. Certainly a bargain given the price of a funeral plot, today. The cemetery is still well maintained, although the “view” from our family’s plots has gone downhill in recent years, with the addition of a gas station nearby and the ever more busy freeway running in front of the cemetery. Still Glencoe is a beautiful small town nestled in lush countryside. It is easy to see why many familys have stayed for 4-5 generations or more. After finishing our business in Glencoe, we headed out to Eden Prarie, where many of my ancestors from Norway (on my father’s side, again) settled. After some directions from a farmer who kindly stopped his tractor to speak with us, we found the two isolated cemeteries where most of my ancestors rest. We found many an Severson and Larson in the cemeteries. My Aunt Nancy actually new quite a bit about some of them, while others we could only infer relationships by placement of the markers and various clues on the markers themselves. I took pictures of each marker and tried to get close ups of inscriptio ns. Some markers, made of soapstone or other softer rocks, were pretty heavily worn. I wish I had brought some materials for doing rubbings. I am going to try to increase the contrast on some of the pictures in photoshop once I get home.

Wednesday –

Nancy and I got up early today and went and had donuts at a place called Melo Glaze, which looks to be getting into the coffee and internet business in the near future. I was able to check my email using their free wifi (24 spam and 1 business pertinent messages). After polishing off three donuts a piece, we hit the road. We headed southward along the Mississippi. We stopped at a small stand so that Nancy could pick up a special variety of apple that she likes, but is not often able to enjoy. Our second stop was at LARK toys, a huge toy store and toy located in Kellogg, MN. I have never before been to a toy store containing such a wide variety of toys and whimsical nonsense in all my life. We have a place called Archie McFees out in Washington that is quite fun, but tends more towards the irreverent and satirical. LARK also has a wonderful wooden carousel. Definitely a must see if you are ever in S. Minnesota.