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Scott and Ryans Wild Ride – Part the First

Posted by Deliverator on June 22nd, 2005

Heard from Scott and Ryan this morning. They arrived at the bus station in Portland, Maine more or less on time. The station was closed and they didn’t want to incur the expense of a cab (nor did they think all their gear would fit), so they sat outside and reassembled their bikes and then used Ryan’s bike to ferry their gear to a nearby hotel. They bought their panniers (the assemblage of racks and bags that you sometimes see on bikes making serious trips) in Seattle, but found out the night before that they had been given 3 left side bags and one right, so they had to return one and pick one up in Maine. I guess they found a bike shop and were able to purchase one for Scott’s bike, but Scott thinks it is a bit too weak (structurally) for all the gear they are carrying and he keeps needing to “adjust” it. Scott has had pretty rotten luck so far with his gear on this trip. He has had to stop to patch/repair tubes 4 times so far and had to replace the actual tire this morning. Tubes are small enough that they have spares along, but a spare tire would be too unweildly, so Scott spoke to me for a while from a cafe while Ryan biked to the nearest bike shop for a replacement. Ryan’s bike has had no serious problems thus far, but it is brand new, whereas Scott’s has seen some heavy use prior to this trip. I kind of wonder if having all the weight of their gear over the back wheel (instead of balanced over both) is partially responsible for all the trou ble. Anyways, they are in New Hampshire now and will be updating me on their progress every few days. Stay tuned for more updates on Scott and Ryan’s Wild Ride.