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Posted by Deliverator on October 27th, 2005

My Socket Bluetooth card arrived the other day and I was able to get it working on my Jornada 720 pretty easily. The most recent driver release for socket’s cards does not support older Win CE devices, but version 120g (only two minor revisions back) does. Socket doesn’t provide links to past driver releases on their website, but thankfully keeps them all on their ftp server (or are just too lazy to delete them). The socket software supports a good range of bluetooth profiles, and I had no difficulty discovering other bluetooth devices, including my phone and desktop. They have additional software for supporting obex and for dialing phone numbers from your PC or PDA’s address book. I downloaded the extra software on the off-chance that I will use it in the future or if they remove it from their site and someone else in the HPC community needs it. Pairing with my phone was a simple enough process, but as feared (and expected), I couldn’t get online as easily as with my SE T610. The chief limitation seems to be that Nokia requires an extra init string in order to serve up internet connectivity to an external device, such as a PDA / Laptop.

For t-mobile, this string is +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””
Sounds simple enough, right? Well, all Win CE devices have an arbitrary limitation that this string be 40 characters long, or less. Palm OS based devices do not have this limitation. Most providers seem to be clued into this fact and keep their APN (that thing that looks like a domain at the end of the string) names short. Supposedly, hacking the registry to enter a longer APN name works on the newest Win CE version, but you have to convert the APN into hex in order to enter it. I will see if the hack works on older Win CE devices when I get a chance. In the meantime, I am connecting through, which is short enough to fit. This is the APN used for t-zones, which means I am sharing this connection with a horde of teenage girls doing teenage girl things with their phones. As a result, the connection is kinda slow. I did a couple speed tests and got an average of 60-80kbps. Not bad, but could certainly be better. I am going to try to find a way to get internet2 a nd internet3 (their gateway which supports VPN connections) working.