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WordPress – Plugins Galore

Posted by Deliverator on October 28th, 2005

I decided to solve my lack of care in backing up my blog by installing two plugins. The first is a backup plugin which I have set up to back up all my critical tables and email them to my google email account. The second plugin is a pseudo cron job that allows wordpress to trigger events at specified intervals/times. Combine the two and I am now getting automated backups of my database once a day. It should be pretty easy to use the cron plugin to allow submission of blog entries by email, including picture oriented entries from my cell phone. I might be able to use my K7 account to do audio blogging as well, although that one isn’t too high on my list. Without the ability to influence the name of the file sent via email by K7, any voicemail would get turned into an entry. I do occasionally get wrong number calls on K7. Given how fun prank phone calls can be, I can just imagine how bad prank blog entries could be.