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Lazzyweb, please solve my dilema so that I might kick butt in DoD: S tonight

Posted by Deliverator on October 31st, 2005

In the spirit of JWZ –

Dear Lazzyweb,

Might you have some advice as to how best create wordpress blog entries by email? I have found a number of pugins to do the job, and indeed WordPress has rudimentray post by mail support built in. All of them seem to rely on creating a “secret” email account and then anything that gets sent to the account gets posted – with no additional authentication. This might be acceptable if you ran your own mailserver and could truly keep and email address private, but I have never found a isp provided email account that receives no spam or other notices, even unused. Spammers will go to great lengths to enumerate email accounts through brute force, buy databases off crooked employees, etc. Even in the lack of any external malfeasance, most isps will send out periodic notifications to their users. Maybe I could set up a server side filter that only accepts email from a given address or with some tag in the subject line? So, anyone got any bright ideas? I am particularly interested in any solutions which would be equally adaptable to moblog type entries.