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ROV Project Update

Posted by Deliverator on October 31st, 2005

The TRC ROV project had its first real meeting of the year last Friday. We started off by creating a list of what we had accomplished and what we still need to do/get. We will be meeting this coming Friday at Larry Barello’s to resume construction. Larry has been restocking his garage with parts/tools in anticipation of the upcoming First Robotics Competition season. We spoke with him by phone during Friday’s meeting and while on the line, UPS delivered a number of parts we needed for the pressure vessel. Among the parts he received was an oversized tap with wich we will be attempting to create the large threaded holes needed for our waterproof electrical connectors. We will also be doing some welding, if he has enough shielding gas on hand. I am really excited to get the ball rolling on this project again. Here is our progress/to do list:

What we got:

-2 Motor Mounts
-2 Cameras
-Waterproof Enclosure
-Control boards + basic program
-Pressure proofed lights

What we need (to do):

-3rd motor mount
-fill motors with oil/water proof them
-hacksaws motor mount bolts
-plug mounted platform for electronics
-Distance signaling
-Solid core wiring
-Pelican case for battery
-Call lumileds
-RS 485/Fiberoptics
-Monitor w VCR for surface
-Stainless steel gridwork
-Taps for electronic connectors