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Carputer, now with more cowbell!

Posted by Deliverator on November 2nd, 2005

Haven’t added any new bells and whistles to the carputer in a while, so it was about time. I reinstalled my D-link DBT-120 bluetooth dongle, this time using the bluetooth driver/stack built into Win XP SP2. I have had nothing but crappy experiences using the Widcomm (now owned by Broadcom) software with which this bluetooth dongle shipped. To be fair to Widcomm, D-link only provides a much out of date version of the software and only one minor patch revision on their site. I really dislike companies that drop all support for a product the second it is sold and it is a big factor in future buying decisions.

Anyways, the reason I reinstalled bluetooth in the car is for connectivity to my new Nokia 6620 phone. I set up the carputer to “dial” the phones EDGE connection whenever an internet connection is demanded. I am going to enable internet connection sharing on the connection and share out the connection via wifi using one of the spare wireless access points I have laying around. I might even download the OLSR client and have my car become part of Matt and Rob‘s MESH networking demo at Mind Camp this weekend. The connection seems to be pretty brisk, although I haven’t done any formal speed tests yet. I used it to download the latest windows update patches while I drove to Seattle Wireless’s Hacknight this evening. I am going to find some more “car appropriate” applications for the internet connectivity in the next few days. A GPS transponder system is definitely in the works, as is traffic monitoring and at a glance movie scheduling.

In addition to the internet connectivity, I plan to try out the new version of PhoneControl. What is it? Straight from the author’s site:

PhoneControl.NET is a software application that allows you to control your mobile phone from a standard PC.

PhoneControl.NET was designed around the CarPC concept allowing a user to make and take phone calls, view contact information, and send or receive SMS messages with ease while on the road. The intuitive interface was specifically designed for input via a touch screen monitor making it a perfect fit for any CarPC.