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Virtual Author Collaboration in Second Life

Posted by Deliverator on November 5th, 2005

Stayed up far too late last night in order to chat with Cory Doctorow, who is currently in London. I found the mismatched hours particularly amusing given that I had recently read Cory’s second novel, “EST.” The chat took place in Second Life, at a new library that seems to serve as a place for authors to share and discuss their works in progress. Cory has been impressing me with the sheer volume of material that he has been putting out of late. Cory has a new novel out on shelves, another on the way, has been serializing a story called “Themepunks” and is of course a regularly featured Boing Boing blogger. The event was much smaller than his last official Second Life appearance, in promotion of his book “Someone Comes to Town…Someone Leaves Town,” perhaps due to being announced at the last minute and in the middle of the night. There were around 10 people in attendance, which gave the event a much more intimate, conversational feel. The main topic for the evening was nanowrimo, an annual event in which participants attempt to write a novel length book in a single month. Other topics included splogs (spam-like blogs that steal content from legitimate sites), serialization & syndication, dealing with agents & publishers, compensation schemes for content in general and writing in particular, etc. The typing was fast and furious, so this is the lightest touch of the subjects discussed. I had a very enjoyable time and I found SL to be a very effective way for people located around the world to converse about common topics in a fairly personal way.