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Posted by Deliverator on November 10th, 2005

I recently picked up a copy of Accelerondo, a new singularity themed book by Charles Stross, which has been getting mentioned by quite a few people I know. Anita, who needs all twenty digits to count her scifi author friends, was showing off her galley print of it at a recent Eastside Bloggers Meetup. Vernor Vinge sung the book’s praises at the recent Accelerating Change conference. About the only conferences I can afford to attend these days are free ones. But with great free events like Mind Camp, who wants to plunk down $500-$1000. Vernor Vinge is widely attributed as the creator (or some would say earliest predictor) off the Singularity concept. His science fiction stories are pure gold. They are always stuff to the gills with new imaginings – in the finest spirit of that part of the genre which should properly be termed speculative fiction. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Vinge, so his recommendation of Accelerondo was enough to seal the deal. I headed over to Amazon to make my purchase, only to find that they were actively promoting a free PDF edition as well. I chose to download and read on my Jornada and have been doing so with much delight for the last few days. I am sure I have read parts of the book before in serialized or novella form, but cannot recall where. I have thoroughly enjoyed the book thus far and will pick up a dead tree edition soon. I like keeping my author’s wallets full, even though I actually prefer ebooks, these days.

As to spoilers, I will only say this:

In space, nobody can hear your colorless green ideas sleep furiously