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Eat a Burrito and help build a robot!

Posted by Deliverator on November 15th, 2005

Has a day chock full of robotics. The TRC had a general meeting this afternoon and there was quite a turnout. I would estimate close to 30 people were there. After general announcements, the group split in two, with one group working on fundraising and the other group working on resurecting a robot from four years back that had been partially stripped for parts.

The fundraising group is getting ready for its first fundraising event. The event is tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov 16th) at the Baja Fresh located at 120 Bellevue Way near Bellevue Square. If you come in and treat yourself to anything on their menu tomorrow and mention the Titan Robotics Club when you order, we will get 15% of the gross proceeds. The TRC is in dire need of funds this year. So, come order a tasy burrito and help some kids (over 50% girls!) get inspired about engineering!

The other group of kids worked on Chronos. The TRC recycles a lot of parts from year to year, but has recently recognized that large working robots have great fundraising value. So, we are going to attempt to rehabilitate Chronos for public relations purposes. The roller assembly that scoops balls into the robots large hopper will need to be replaced, as will some of the pneumatic systems. We were able to power up Chronos and hook it up to the operator interface via a serial tether, but were unable to get it to do much more this first time around. The operator interface board indicated a problem with one of the relays, but Kevin thinks that will be easily remedied.

After the TRC meeting, I headed to Seattle for Hacknight, only to discover that the Capitol Hill Internet Cafe, where we usually meet, is still closed, ostensibly due to electrical problems. I happened to meet up with Rob while walking down broadway. He had just received his $300 Vex robotics kit by mail, so I headed over to his place to check it out. It looks to be a very versatile and thoroughly documented kit of parts, although I would advise spending some extra dough on the programming module and some additional sensors. If you are looking for a good way to get your feet wet in robotics or are looking for a fun and educational xmas gift, I highly recommend picking one up.