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Netfront 3.3 now for Jornada 720

Posted by Deliverator on November 16th, 2005

Getting a modern web browser to run on older HPCs has been seen by many in the community as the holy grail in keeping these wonderful devices alive and relevant. While there is considerable hope for a port of Minimo in the near future, up until now the best solution has been to hack Netfront 3.0 to run on HPCs. Attempts to hack newer versions of Netfront have failed.

Someone named rgisondi recently posted on hpcfactor that he had been able to get the preview release of Netfront 3.3 working on a variety of StrongARM based HPCs through some clever hex editing. The instructions were a bit too vague for me, but Cmonex, one of the most experienced resource hackers in the HPC community was inspired by the claim and managed to get it to work! Download the Netfront 3.3 technical preview package here. Run the setup program. It will fail, claiming that your device is not supported. No problem! Simply copy the .cab installer from C:\Program Files\ACCESS\NetFront v3.3 for Pocket PC (PPC3ARENR102TP) over to your hpc and double click it to install. Your HPC will probably complain, but install anyways. Do a soft reset and than overwrite all the files in the directory you installed the program into with the ones found here. Launch the program and you should be good to go. You will need to use WinWatch to adjust some of the settings in Netfront’s options menus, as they are “off screen.” I had no difficulty moving Netfront 3.3 out of ram and over to my Compact Flash card, unlike Netfront 3.0 which requires a few files be left in ram. The only current limitations with the technical preview is the inablity to open more than two tabs and lack of JAVA support. Netfront’s excellent JAVA support has always been one of its top selling points for the PPC crowd and it will surely be in the final version. If the final version is hackable, I will definitely be making a purchase.