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New Seattle Wireless Project

Posted by Deliverator on November 29th, 2005

Last week’s hacknight was spent, for the most part, on discussion and exploration of a new, major project that SWN is embarking upon. I was sworn to secrecy (we have a handshake and everything), so couldn’t write about it at the time. Matt has taken the wraps off the project with his announcement of the fundraiser for the project. The short of it is, SWN has managed to get some space donated to it 150′ up one of the huge radio towers on Capitol Hill. We spent a good deal of the meeting consulting pictures, topographic maps and using Google Earth to establish sight-lines. A node at this location can see a LOT, including significant lines of sight to the Eastside and Kirkland. This node represents a chance to seriously build out the network and bring nodes on the Eastside into the SWN fold. I went over to my Grandmother’s house and took some pictures, which establish a clear line of sight to her location. I believe I should also be able to see the tower from the top of the pine tree in the front yard. My grandmother’s house can see a good deal of downtown and my house can see Factoria, Summerset, College Hill and some of Issaquah, so there is very good potential to get these areas on the network as well. Although the space is being donated, it will cost some money for the antennas, node hardware and a certified tower tech to mount the gear. Please consider a donation.