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Vex Kit Arrives!

Posted by Deliverator on November 29th, 2005

The Vex Kit, which I won in a recent eBay auction, arrived today! At 500+
parts in the kit, I decided I better do something to keep track of them
all. I headed to Frys and picked up a couple clear plastic boxes, which
can be subdivided into up to about 30 compartments each. I also picked up
a 30 pack of AA NIMH batteries for use in the radio controller and to
power whatever robot creations I created. Vex has an official
rechargeable power pack & charger for around $50, but I got away with
creating my own for about $25. When I got home, I inspected the kit.
Everything appeared new and in good working order. After closer inspection,
I noticed something that irked me. For whatever reason, the chapters of
the “Inventor’s Guide” were not included in the package. The 3 ring
binder and the tabbed chapter markers were included, but the chapters
themselves were missing. I checked with Rob who received his kit a few
weeks ago and the official packaging list and they both confirm that the
chapters should have been included. The box and all contents in it
appeared to be new, so I am unsure if the factory made a mistake, or
whether the seller removed all that paper to try and increase his sales
margin by removing the 300+ pages in the manual. I was able to download
PDF copies of all the sections from the official Vex site, print them out
on my laser printer and 3 hole punch them myself, but it pisses me off to
have to waste all that paper, toner and time. Everything else appears to
be present, new and in working order, but I will attempt to test all the
components tomorrow. I think I will bring the kit to hacknight and build
the “Squarebot” during the meeting.