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Jornada 720 > 728 ram/rom upgrades

Posted by site admin on December 11th, 2005

I have been becoming a very active (read obsessive) eBay user of late. I
have been looking for some rare items for quite a while. There are about
a dozen or so word combos that I search for on a near daily basis. This
weekend one of those terms hit paydirt. I managed to find a short
duration “buy it now” from some company that seems to buy out and resell
spare parts stocks. I managed to win forty-four brand new ram/rom
daughterboards for the Jornada 728 for a mere $200. Buying this now was a
bit inconvenient given the outlay I have made on Christmas gifts, but it
was just too good an opportunity to pass up. The Jornada 728 has twice as
much ram as the 720, has a very slightly different OS build and different
case coloring, but is otherwise identical to the venerable 720. The 728
was released shortly before HP canceled the whole series, so far fewer of
them ever made it to market. As a result, the 728 has tended to sell for
quite a premium. They are usually found on eBay in the $400-450 range.
One the flipside, the market has recently experienced a glut of 720s,
with some eBay sellers doing buy-it-nows in the $135 range. With these
rom/ram daughterboards I just acquired, one can effectively upgrade a
Jornada 720 to a 728. Daughterboards rarely show up on the market in any
real quantities, usually being pulled from dead units. Although I could
make a total killing of these units, I don’t plan on doing so. I plan on
offering them up to the very supportive and delightfully fanatical HPC
community for around $75 each. I already have about 10 confirmed buyers
after making a post on HPC Factor. After fullfilling those orders, I will
probably start selling them off on eBay. The package containing the units
has been shipped, so I should have them shortly. I am really excited to
be able to upgrade my own personal 720 unit and the prospect of a 10
times return on my investment is nice too :)