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Will the real $100 computer please stand up?

Posted by Deliverator on December 12th, 2005

I just received my $100 Brainium WiBook from off eBay. Here are my initial observations:

-screen is a nasty dstn with lots of ghosting/shadows
-touchscreen, but no stylus included (or provision for one in design). It is definitely designed to be poked with one’s fingers.
-keyboard has a very mushy feel to it
-has 1 CF slot on the right side and another hidden under a plastic panel on the bottom. Also appears to have a few JTAG and 1 unidentified diagnostic port under same panel. May be flashable/hackable, so an excellent candidate for running other OSes.
-2 USB ports. Appears to have USB Mass-Storage drivers built in. Tried it out with a 256 MB card and it worked fine.
-Has Serial, Mic, Speaker, IRDA and Ethernet Ports
-Has a blank plastic coverplace where a floppy drive was designed to go. May be possible to add a floppy disk.
-Freaking HUGE for a HPC.
-32 MB of ram. Was expecting more for some reason.
-NO VGA OUT (one was advertised in auction)
-very durable/kid-proof