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Seattle Wireless Hacknight – 12/13/05

Posted by Deliverator on December 14th, 2005

Tonight’s Seattle Wireless Hacknight was held at Redline, just a few blocks away from Rob’s place. Despite this fact, for some reason Hacknight has wandered far and wide without ever holding a meeting there. Hacknight has been hopping between venues the last month or so, after the sudden and inadequately explained closure of the Capitol Hill Internet Cafe. The only public notice of the closure was a sign on the door saying (more or less) “closed due to electrical problems – hope to open Monday.” Several Mondays have passed and CHIC remains closed, so this explanation really doesn’t hold much water. Casey hit on a likely explanation after a search revealed numerous escalating health violations. The Redline on the other hand has a pretty clean record. So far, I really like Redline. The food and drink was good, tablespace adequate, wifi reasonably stable for a Linksys box, etc. Outlets up front were scarce, but were plentiful in the back.

Tonight’s Happenings:

Eric Butler showed off some of the work he has been doing to visualize SWN node links & perspective links using google maps.
– Casey and Rob discussed possible hardware configurations for the new tower node. The current though seems to be to use a omni with an electrical downtilt in conjunction with a 400 mw Senao WiFi card.
-Rob was interested in whether a magnetic motor/battery utilizing only permanent magnets (not eletric) could be formed. His interest in this controversial idea that some say borders on “perpetual motion” was peaked due to more powerful Neodymium magnets becoming available to the public through companies like United Nuclear.
– Joe Towner proudly donated the last $100 needed to make the tower node possible.
– I monkeyed around with the wireless camera on my Vex trike, checked out application (in)compatibility with Win CE 4.2 on my new Branium WiBook. Everyone found the WiBook quite comical, but what do I care IT PLAYS DOOM!
– bumped into several people that we had met previously at Seattle Mindcamp. They were meeting to discuss/work on Ruby on Rails development and offered to share with us their cushy backroom with its plentiful power outlets (albeit malfunctioning ones).

Branium Wibook Joe Triumphant in Giving!