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Alright, who has been having sex with my snail?

Posted by Deliverator on December 14th, 2005

While cleaning my fishtank today I noticed something on the interior surface of the glass. At first I thought it was just a bit of algae, but as my eyes focused, I realized that it was a baby snail. This is very odd, as I only have a single adult snail in my tank, a garden variety Apple Snail. While some snails are hermaphrodites, Apple Snails, according to everything that I have read, fall into distinct genders and thus two snails must meet to produce offspring. The single snail in my tank has been there for quite a while, far longer than the Apple Snail’s reported gestation period, so I have to conclude one of following is the case:

1. My snail is not an Apple Snail
2. Everyone else is wrong about Apple Snails and their genders
3. Everyone else is wrong about the gestation period of Apple Snails