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Jornada 720 -> 728 rom+ram upgrade

Posted by Deliverator on December 15th, 2005

Ok, I received the boards today and tested a few out by upgrading my J720 to a J728. I have 44 total upgrade boards. All are new in original, foam lined boxes and in anti-static bags. I opened 10 of them enough to check the region codes, but did not remove them from their anti-static bags. So far all the units are ABA (USA) boards.

Using these boards to upgrade your J720 to a 728 is pretty easy:
1. Removed main system battery
2. Remove backup battery and any CF/PCMCIA cards.
3. Turn unit over and remove the 3 screws at front edge of keyboard using a T-6 bit
4. Turn unit right side up and open the screen. The keyboard should now be removeable
5. Be careful with the ribbon for the keyboard. I suggest using a small flat head screwdriver to move the tabs on either side of the ribbon and then remove the keyboard entirely.
6. carefully pry up the old rom board and put new one in its place
7. Put everything back together again in reverse order.

The only hitch I ran into is that once upgraded, I wasn’t able to restore any of my old 720 backups. The backups would restore, but the keyboard would stop responding after the data was restored. So, anyone wanting to upgrade will have a “hard reset” unit. I keep all my programs on my CF card, anyways, so this wasn’t much of an issue for me.

If you would like one of these boards, I am going to be charging $75 + $5 S&H as a special price for HPC Factor community members and readers of my blog. Please contact me at to ensure I still have enough of them left. I will reply by email at which point you can send me payment through paypal at the same email address. I am willing to ship outside the US, too, but will have to make individual shipping arrangements. Please shoot me an email if you want to try and arrange alternate payment/shipping options.