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3 watt LED

Posted by Deliverator on December 16th, 2005

I recently purchased a 3 watt LED flashlight from AXShop. It arrived
today and my god is it bright! The 1 watt emitter absolutely pales beside
it. I took the cone shaped reflector assembly off, exposing the Luxeon
emitter beneath. The emitter is hex shaped with a thin layer of non-
conductive circuit board material on top of a predominantly metal base.
Even at an LEDs high efficiency, a lot of heat is produced, so the metal
base isn’t for show. These hex emitters are just begging to be chained
together to form an array of super bright LEDs. I am going to contact
lumileds and see how many of these emitters they can send me. I would
love to cap these with acrylic to waterproof them for use on the ROV, but
I worry about the ammount of heat these put out. Perhaps I can mount
these to the back of a big heatsink, then do an acrylic pour so that only
the fins of the heatsink extend out from the acrylic? These emitters may
be robust to survive the pressure already, so I think a trip to Silent
World to use their pressure test equipment is in order.