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GAPI 3.02 for HPC’s

Posted by Deliverator on December 26th, 2005

The unofficial 3rd party implementation of the Microsoft Gaming API (GAPI for short) from WinCEsoft recently received a .01 version upgrade from 3.01 to 3.02. Despite the modest version incrementation, this release is a huge upgrade in terms of functionality and number of supported devices. Around a dozen new devices are supported, including the Branium WiBook – mentioned previously. I had a chance to beta test the new version on my Wibook thanks to Frank at WinCESoft and thus had a chance to preview some of the cool new features in this release.

Probably the biggest feature is that GAPI now works alongside Nyditot, allowing one to adjust the screen orientation even in graphics accelerated games and applications. Prior to this release, one could use Nyditot to rotate the screen and specify an arbitrary resolution, but could only do so in non-accelerated applications. This put a whole lot of PPC games, applications and even web browsers that could otherwise be made to run on the HPC platform tantilizingly close… but just out of reach. I can now confirm several games, including the amazing Snails from PDAmill now run happily on my Jornada 720 (upgraded to a 728 with one of the rom boards I am selling). I am in the process of checking out other promising applications such as the Thunderhawk Web Browser.