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CVS Video Camera FW version 3.7

Posted by Deliverator on December 27th, 2005

One of the many wonderful gifts that I received this Christmas was a pair of CVS video cameras thoughfully provided by my brother Scott. I managed to unlock a CVS video camera earlier this year using a hardware attack and have greatly enjoyed using it ever since. That camera was hardware version B3 with firmware version 3.62. The original version 3.4 cameras required no hardware attack to unlock, but subsequent versions have become progressively more difficult to unlock. A camera purchased by Casey Halverson has proven impossible to unlock thus far. His camera doesn’t respond to any of the known “nerve pinches” used to reveal the firmware revision information. Thus far, we have no leads on how to unlock Casey’s mystery model. It is definitely a hardware revision B3 unit, but other than that we haven’t a clue. CVS has also begun rolling out a new “series 220” unit that has thus far proven impossible to unlock. If you want an unlockable CVS video camera, you might want to buy one sooner than later…

Thankfully, both of the units my brother were firmware revision 3.70 units. These units are a bit harder to unlock than the 3.62’s, but with some luck and patience the hardware hack should work. It took me around 60 attempts to get the first of my brother’s two cameras unlocked. The second I managed to fry after about five attempts. I believe my shorting wire slipped a bit and applied voltage to something that it obviously shouldn’t have. This unit no longer powers up in any meaninful way. I may use this fried unit for parts. Oh well :(

Despite this failed attempt, I am happy to now have two working CVS video cameras. I have a feeling they will come in very handy during the upcoming FIRST season.

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