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You Got Servered!

Posted by Deliverator on December 30th, 2005

My alert eyes caught a nice Compaq rackmount server going for an absolute song on Craigslist. It is a Proliant DL380 with dual 733 mhz PIII’s (max 1 GHZ), 640 MB of ram (space for up to 4 GB of registered ECC ram), four 9 GB 10K RPM HDD’s with space for 2 more. Everything about this system is designed for high redundancy, with dual redundant power supplies, voltage regulator modules on their own daughterboards, etc. I worked on these systems a lot at Microsoft and they were quite reliable. It may not be fast by today’s standards, but at current eBay pricing I can upgrade it to 4 GB of ram, plop in two 1 GHZ p3’s, a 64 bit scsi raid controller, six 36GB 10K RPM drives (or maybe even some 15K RPM ones) and have a system with insane performance for about the price of a low end desktop. I hope some of my friends at Seattle Wireless can help me find some cheap colocation in the Westin. I need to find some rails for this unit locally, as their weight really drives up their price on eBay.