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Rockbox on my iRiver H320

Posted by Deliverator on January 19th, 2006

I have mentioned Rockbox at least once before in a previous entry, but was always too scared of bricking my beloved iRiver H320 mp3 player to take the plunge. Well, I have been trolling the MisticRiver forums and it seems that the recent bootloaders are much improved and there is now very minimal risk of bricking one’s player. I went ahead and patched the 1.29K firmware for the H320 with the bootloader and installed the latest daily build onto my player. I powered up my H320 and it booted smoothly into Rockbox. The default interface is very minimalist, but is fully skinable. The MisticRiver crowd has gone ahead and created their own custom version – H300 Optimized which is updated often. There is even an automatic update tool to keep your player up to date. Rockbox on the H320 is definitely a work in progress, but it has a number of capabilities not found in the official firmwares including gapless playback and on the fly playlist creation. The new version 5 bootloader can dual boot into either Rockbox or an official firmware at powerup, so one can have the best of both worlds. So, give it a whirl and help the developers release a polished 1.0 version sooner by submitting bugs.