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3rd FRC Build Meeting – 012006

Posted by Deliverator on January 20th, 2006

Today was the third build meeting for this year’s FRC robot. I arrived late and managed to pinch a finger pretty hard between my knee and a metal plate. I got a little shocky there for a bit. I was sweating for no apparent reason and my hearing was going in and out. I sat things out for a bit. By the time I was feeling ready to work, three more kids had arrived, so I let them do the hands on stuff and I just took pictures and generally got in the way. The kid’s managed to get the motor mounting plates attached and the motors in place before Larry called it a night. We made progress and the drive-train is now more or less finish. Still, I somehow feel we are moving more slowly than I would like. Hopefully we can catchup this Sunday with an extended session. Ian’s dad stopped by at the end of the meeting to show off a prototype shooting mechanism that he built. Here are some pictures of today’s meeting.

prototype shooter