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FRC 2006 Season – 4th Build Meeting – 012206

Posted by Deliverator on January 22nd, 2006

Today was a day for prototyping shooting mechanisms. The shooter that Ian’s dad brough in at the end of last meeting was significantly modified since I last saw it. The biggest addition is a very effective rubber belt mechanism that conveys balls up to the shooting mechanism. We pulled the shooter outside the garage and used some electric drills to provide the power. The shooter could certainly chuck balls quite a distance, although not with a great level of accuracy at extreme distances. One of the rules of this year’s competition is that balls can travel no faster than 12 meters per second at exit, so we are more concerned with how accurate we can be given a lesser initial velocity than how far we could chuck a ball at full tilt. Larry and Dave were busy working on their “single wheel” shooter this morning, prior to my noonish arrival. They managed to construct a frame out of 1″ extruded aluminum and get the shaft and wheels mounted (they are actually using two small wheels acting on one side of the ball, so I am calling it the single wheel design). The belts and pulleys we need for utilizing the “big sim” motors have not arrived, but hopefully we will be able to test it soon. We will have to order some additional belts in order to test the two wheel design. Ultimately we will go with whatever works best, but I want ever reasonable idea to get tested prior to making any sort of irrevocable design decision. Larry welded the frame up and he and kevin bolted all the electronics to a temporary board. Kevin took the board and wires with him to school afterwards, so the electronics board may be assembled by now. Cheuk and I went to Loew’s hardware and picked up some screws and some speaker wire, neither of which was deamed appropriate, despite being exactly what was requested. I guess the speaker wire needed to be red and black to go with some wiring rule. Nobody bothered to tell me to get anything other than #12 gauge speaker wire, so I guess I am just out $12 for nothing. I am going to be ordering a bunch of ultrasonic sensors from Maxbotixs and some more belts to mock up the two wheeled shooter design that Ryan and I have been working up. I just hope I can get the particulars straight before placing the orders, as the ultrasonics and timing belts are significantly more expensive than a few screws and some wire.

Here are some pics of today’s meeting