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Is NPR trying to boost its google rank through comment spam?

Posted by Deliverator on January 26th, 2006

My comment moderation que has been remarkeably free of spam of late, due to a rather long list of forbidden words that I have compiled. I am not a big fan of auto-censorship, as the chances of a false positives are rather high. I have tried to be careful in choosing words unlikely to have legitimate usage. So far, the only downside from this draconian censorship is that you will no longer be able to discuss viagra or party poker on my site. I know, it is a big loss :(

I still clear out my moderation que a couple times a week. Today, I noticed something rather interesting. I received a number of pieces of link heavy comment spam. Rather than advertising new and improved herbal viagra substitute, these pieces of spam were linking to Mercury New, NPR and other news outlets. Are the big media outlets soo afraid of blog coverage of news stealing their thunder that they are resorting to comment spam to artificially boost their rank?